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How a Business Engineer contributes to society

We started working with the Be Informed business process platform in 2009. Our client, the Tax Administration of the Caribbean Netherlands, was in the market for a new fully integrated tax administration system to replace their outdated and obsolete system. Since then, BearingPoint Caribbean has helped to bring technical modernization and digital transformations to local and national governments.

A dedicated team of Business Engineers is the backbone of our development and plays a pivotal role in supporting our government clients with their increasingly complex administrations. One such Business Engineer is Kris Samson, who, as a Lead Be Informed Architect, has been with us since 2012. Based in Curaçao, Kris heads a team of Business Engineers and is responsible for work review. He lets new team members build small functionalities and fix bugs as much as possible. Kris has learned that this is the fastest way to get them familiarized with the platform.

What excites you about your job and role?

The fact that every project has its own challenges. There is never a dull moment. Right now, for instance, I am responsible for the project of the Curaçao Tax Office. Besides the obvious design and developing I do on an application, I also draft and draw up (technical) specifications, which eventually will be the base for every functionality of an application. And I like to coach and motivate my team. I like the versatility of my work. You do not get to do the same thing every day. True, in the end you are working with the same business process platform, but you alternate between different clients. And every client has its own challenges. That is what fascinates me and to this day gives me satisfaction.

What type of skills do you need as a Business Engineer?

You need a high level of thinking, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. And you must have some sort of affinity with technology. With these skills, your study background becomes less important. I, for instance, did a technical study that focused on project management and not on coding. But I have learned to work with the Be Informed Studio platform here at BearingPoint Caribbean. Because of its low entry level, you do not need the experience. Being a low-code platform, it is user-friendly and accessible. Business Engineers start with on-the-job training and in about 6 months to 1 year they should be able to develop business models and design and build small functionalities into complete applications, instead of following a complete study to learn how to program.

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Our Development unit is growing and we’re looking for Be Informed Specialists. Enabled by information technology, you provide the tools and support to enhance government revenues, resulting in more funding for key priorities for citizens, such as education and health.

What makes working at BearingPoint Caribbean interesting?

The diversity of its people; we have a balanced organization made up of female and male colleagues, colleagues from various nationalities and different ages. Furthermore, I like our projects and the difference we make for our local and international government clients, and consequently their communities. Building tax administration systems is very complicated. So, imagine our feeling when we successfully deploy our systems: that is a big deal! If we take Curaçao for an example: people can now fill in their income tax online and that is because of our work. I think that it is great that we have helped our local government digitalize. It is a great feeling for me knowing that I have contributed positively to the growth of my own country or in other cases of other developing countries.  

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