Our manifesto

We believe small-scale communities and developing countries should be able to reach their full potential

Here at BearingPoint Caribbean,

we are driven by our beliefs

We are BearingPoint; born and raised in the Caribbean. We have experienced firsthand how our small-scale communities are faced with a number of social and economic challenges and budget deficits. We believe small-scale communities and developing countries should be able to reach their full potential. We are committed to our quest to help governments obtain fiscal sustainability and the ability to invest in the main pillars of society such as education and healthcare – the essential expenditures that the public needs most.

We lead the way in digital transformation, improving efficiency and empowering governments to create sufficient funding for priorities of society through improved compliance. With our track record of more than 35 years, we see how digital transformation has proven to be an essential ingredient for creating fiscal sustainability.

Because We Believe

Be a game-changer

We have the ambition to help governments of small-scale communities and developing countries function effectively and reach full potential. Our mission is simple: With technology as a catalyst, we use our expertise and knowledge to reach fiscal sustainability and generate sufficient funding to transform small-scale communities and developing countries and help them move forward. We aim to make a positive impact through our IT solutions. And it’s achievable. It means daring to dream and think about possibilities. We are go-getters, we think ahead, and we dedicate each day to getting the job done.

Let’s push the boundaries and overcome obstacles.
For public services. For businesses and citizens. For society.

Our values

We would be nothing without our people. Our employees’ dedication to making a change is our most-prized possession.
Our shared set of values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, and clients.

We make

it happen

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Digitally transforming small-scale communities and developing countries, means that we are willing to take risks and be resourceful. We are a true partner to our government clients during this journey. We’re in it for the long haul.


own it

Every one of us is committed to provide what the company promises its clients. As a team, we take responsibility for our actions and pride in delivering high quality solutions and service. We can be counted upon.

We aim


We never stop developing and focus on continuous improvement, of ourselves and our solutions. We take an innovative approach in order to attain or exceed objectives, focus on the long-term impact of decisions, and prioritize sustainability. Together, we strive to be better.

We are


We understand that what we do can have real impact on our clients and the future of their countries. That is why we remain fully connected and invested in the world around us. Staying on top of social-economic developments is crucial to the part we play in the bigger picture.

Germain Rodriguez

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