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Why I signed up to volunteer

Curadoet 2018-min

To explain the importance of volunteerism or giving back to the community seems redundant. Often people drop a few coins into the collection box for social projects or buy tickets to support a good cause. Or sign up to volunteer at a project like I did, says Kiara Hilker, Senior Consultant. Why do we do this? Because at the end of the day you not only want to make an impact on those who need it the most, it also positively affects us as individuals as well. That’s why I signed up for volunteering work together with my colleagues this past year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community is something that is encouraged by my employer. As a company nestled within the community, you don’t only want to benefit from your projects and sales; you must give back as well. So, I was excited to join CURA DOET 2018, roll up my sleeves and do some volunteering work.

Great teamwork

CURA DOET 2018 surpassed all my expectations! I was able to interact with my colleagues who, on a regular workday, I might only be able to greet in the hall or kitchen. Our team (approximately 20 people) worked on a project for Stichting Beheer Sportvelden Seri Domi, and to my pleasant surprise, we got extra helping hands from the people living in the neighborhood. It’s beautiful to see when people come together to achieve one mutual goal, it increases the sense of community.

Cura Doet 2018: renovating the playground and sports field at Seri Domi in Curaçao.

Mission accomplished

Our goal for this day was to renovate the playground and sports field. Our team ended up being able to give back and do more than initially anticipated. When we were done, looking back at the goal we accomplished together, I could see the memories of the kids that are yet to be made at that playground, the games that are yet to be won on the sports field, and the family days that are yet to come. After our project, we grabbed a bite and a drink at Awa’i playa and ended up reflecting on what we were able to restore for our dushi Kòrsou.

This was my first time participating as a volunteer in CURA DOET, but most definitely not my last.

Kiara (top right) kept her promise in the two consecutive years. In this picture during Cura Doet 2020 just before the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down.

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