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Do you have what it takes to be a Business Engineer?


Business Engineers develop solutions by identifying complex processes and optimizing them where needed with the right tools, skills, and support. Each employer will have a different approach to the job: the description, responsibilities, and requirements will vary. So how do we at BearingPoint Caribbean interpret this role? What do our Business Engineers do all day? And most importantly, could this job be a fit for you? Here are the basics you need to know if you are thinking about starting your career as a Business Engineer at BearingPoint Caribbean.


Being a Business Engineer at BearingPoint Caribbean means that you use technology to support our local and international government clients in their increasingly complex administrations. We use the Be Informed business process platform. It is a rules-driven robotic process automation platform that is based on models that contain legislation, business rules, and best practices of our clients. The automated processes and workflows enable our government clients to establish a digital workforce with one standardized generic process. This is the biggest advantage of the Be Informed Platform. With all relevant knowledge included in this intelligent system, the civil servant can rely on this technology to automatically make many decisions during the whole process, from start to finish. This leads to annual cost savings, increased efficiency, and better service to citizens. As a result, the civil servant has more time for the work with which he or she can really make a difference.

And because it is a low-code development platform, as a Business Engineer you can put things together rather quickly. The models are easy to understand and can be adapted when needed. You are not just entering code and spending half a day looking for an error when you have wrongfully typed a point instead of a comma. Building applications with the Be Informed platform ensures that you as a Business Engineer can focus on more important things.

Also, what makes things more interesting is that our solutions have a modular setup, making it possible to develop our client’s system step by step. Integration with existing systems and other platforms is possible, allowing for transformations in phases with maximum flexibility. So there’s no need to stress about a complete system overhaul; we work together with our clients according to their needs and within their budgets.

Agile teams 

We work in agile teams according to our own interpretation of scrum. As Business Engineers you are involved in every stage of the process; from design and process modeling to testing, implementing, and presenting the application(s) both internally to your team and sometimes externally to the client as well. More on that later. When the functional designs are ready, these will be translated into how they should be developed within the application. Together with our integrated team of Designers, Product Owners, Developers, and Project Managers we will further develop the functionality of our clients. As a Business Engineer, you are then responsible for building the application. However, because we work in an integrated team, you may be asked to sometimes join the Design team to help complete a functional design for instance. And, vice versa, it is also possible to ask Design members to do a bit of development should the need arise.

Having said that, we try as much as possible to have the right people and their expertise in the right roles within a project. During our monthly planning meetings, we allocate the resources within our eight hour working days upon request of the project managers. Negotiations are tough at times! Nevertheless, we do our best to comply with every request during this process without losing sight of building in some flexibility.

Client contact

Our approach at BearingPoint Caribbean is that our Project Managers are the first line of contact for the client. We refer to them as Client Engagement. They agree on the specific requirements with the clients. The Business Engineers then take these client wishes into account when building the application. From this point of view, Business Engineers would normally not come in direct contact with clients. But remember we mentioned being flexible and agile in our approach as well? As a starting Business Engineer, your priority is to get to know the Be Informed business process platform and focus mostly on building small functionalities as per collected requirements. In a more senior role, and depending on the project at hand, it is sometimes useful to attend client meetings to learn firsthand what and how the client thinks to place the functional designs within their context. Ultimately, client contact may vary per project, depending on your experience as a Business Engineer, the timing during which you onboard a project, and the composition of the team.

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Our Development unit is growing and we’re looking for Business Engineers. Enabled by information technology, you provide the tools and support to enhance government revenues, resulting in more funding for key priorities for citizens, such as education and health.

Having the right skills

So, here is the key question: can anyone be a Business Engineer? If you have a high level of thinking and strong analytical and problem-solving skills, we say yes. And you must have some sort of affinity with information technology. As a starter, you do not need any experience with Be Informed because, being a low-code platform, it is user-friendly and accessible. At BearingPoint Caribbean, we have an internal hands-on training program with several courses, and you will be assigned a personal mentor to teach you the tricks of the trade. Furthermore, enough time is set aside for sharing knowledge and experiences with your future colleagues. It goes without saying that we expect a certain degree of independence to stay informed about the latest developments within the Be Informed platform by reading the release notes of new Be Informed versions and looking at the new functionalities

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