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Creating added value: UX Design at BearingPoint Caribbean

We devote our time to use technology to help empower our government clients to improve their efficiency. But we also want to enable citizens by developing online portals in which they can access digital government services when they need it. Our User Experience (UX) Designers play an important role in understanding the client user and end users’ needs. But how do we bring applications and online portals to life? We asked Marigo Heijboer, Senior UX Designer, to fill us in.

What excites you about this position?

What fascinates me is that UX design is still in its infancy here in Curaçao and in the Caribbean. Which means that there is a lot more added value to be gained if you do UX well. I like that I can play a role in helping create awareness for UX; showing our clients that UX design is more than just making wireframes. It can be challenging to take them along the process and to convince them that UX is not something that you only involve at the end.

I also like that I play an important role in taking our current applications to the next level: thinking about how we can make our old applications a lot better with simple UX adjustments. It is not the ideal starting point for me as a UX designer, but we can deliver added value. The world changes constantly, so it is essential to keep the applications up to date. And when we start from scratch I always think carefully about usability, reusability, and consistency in design when I am working on flows, wireframes, and prototypes, giving the entire process a holistic approach.  

And I love the fact that my job is versatile. We work on many projects, with different topics. The UX process is different for every project. With one project I am really part of the design team, with the other project I am doing improvements afterward, making existing applications better and more user-friendly. These aspects of my job keep things exciting for me.

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Our Development unit is growing and we’re looking for UX Designers. Enabled by information technology, you provide the tools and support to enhance government revenues, resulting in more funding for key priorities for citizens, such as education and health.

What was the world like before UX?

Funny thing is that the techniques of UX design have been around for a long time, but their added value has not! Back then when applications were built, no thought was given to how the user would use the system; people did not think about whether the application would work fine for the user. It was more about the functional design. But nowadays we think things through from the start. The impact of our work is that we really create added value in the user experience, resulting in happy clients and employees.

What makes working at BearingPoint Caribbean so interesting?

For me it is the fact that I can help shape my role in the projects and give direction to my career path. As I mentioned before, UX is still new to many of our clients. When I find something important or interesting, I am given the opportunity to immerse myself in the matter. I can be creative in looking for ways on how to involve people in my thinking process and how to introduce new working methods. But also how I can make the organization aware of UX and show how much value I can create with small adjustments. Building this process keeps me sharp!

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